Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Two Birds

    Our hero eyed the odd looking robin across the branch. The sun beating down through the lack of leaves onto the gleaming coats of the two birds. Three toed foot after three toed foot, our hero edged closer, trying to figure out what was so peculiar about this new rival. Before our hero could realize it, he was only a few inches away from this odd thing, with it's oddly beautiful feathers, the perfect way they were parted, the beak, so orange, so pointy... So perfect. It's eyes... Were... Looking... Right at him.

    Frozen, he stared at the odd creature, raising one bird eyebrow at it, and letting out a nervous chirp of invitation. He noticed how wonderful it smelled... If birds can smell, that is... Letting this new aroma drift into his beak's nostrils. How could a creature be so stunning? Our hero edged a hair closer, chirping again, more confidently now, before slowly stretching a wing out behind this feathery being. He softly let it alight on the back of his next challenge, and to our hero's delighted surprise, the new creature leaned into him, their feathers pressing against one another.

    Our heroine leaned into this handsome, dashing cardinal, impressed by his advances. She thought it cute how he was nervous, and her stomach wavered and fluttered as his wing, light as a feather, but strong as a branch, touched her back so softly, comforting and reassuringly. She chirped a girly, faltering chirp of affection, and our hero and heroine both let a little bird sigh of relief, and snuggled down together for a night's rest, happy having found mates.


  1. Great storys man, keep these coming!

  2. Great story; love your narrative ;)

    Keep up the great work!

  3. You are truly an inspiration! I will keep your thoughts in mind for my next blog posting.

  4. Damn, even better a second time.

    Showing support once again, ;)