Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Into the Night

    Out of the door, down the steps, his footsteps muffled by the rubber on the bottom of his boots. Past the rosemary bushes he had planted not too long ago, down his walkway to the sidewalk. Forward, he could see his neighbor's house across the street, the second floor bedroom light on, but curtains drawn.

    He smiled wryly to himself, with the knowledge that his neighbor knew nothing of what went on in our man's life. Then his smile faltered for a split second when he realized that he knew nothing of what went on in his neighbor's life... Oh well, it's of no concern to him.

    The night air stung his cheeks, with his coat collar pulled up to hide the back of his neck, the black cotton warm and comfortingly stiff as he moved left down the sidewalk. Past some trees and other driveways, very few lights on except for the streetlamps.

    He dug his hand into his pocket and removed his iPod, pressing the home button and sliding his finger across the screen to hear the familiar click. Over two pages, and a quick and assured tap on the in-house app he had created called, "WeAre" for the rest of his community to find other members out prowling the streets.

    Three blips on the imported Google Maps layout. The closest one only four blocks away. Delighted, he tapped the blip and a new window popped up. It was Maria. He took a sharp turn down Bright Street and continued walking, hoping he could catch her before she returned home.